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Leveling the Playing Field | Twitter Space with Alex Kane of Sporttrade and Ellen Hyslop of The GIST (55:46)

Alex Kane, CEO & Founder of Sporttrade, a sports betting exchange company, chats with the Co-Founder and Head of Content for The GIST, Ellen Hyslop. The pair discuss the current shortcomings of coverage for women's sports and the underrepresentation of women in the sports betting industry.

Sporttrade 101

How to Place Limit Orders (1:43)

Learn how to take control of your portfolio on Sporttrade by using limit orders to buy and sell contracts. Set your buy or sell price with a limit order, sit back, and enjoy the game!

Live on Social Media

Future of Markets | Twitter Spaces Discussion with Alex Kane of Sporttrade and Walt Smith of Nasdaq (52:07)

Alex Kane, CEO & Founder of Sporttrade, a sports betting exchange company, chats with Nasdaq's SVP of North American Markets, Walt Smith. Alex and Walt discuss Nasdaq's impact on Sporttrade, why the sports betting industry is well-suited for disruption, and what the future of trading sports could look like.

Sporttrade 101

Managing Your Portfolio on Sporttrade (1:18)

Your portfolio value on Sporttrade gives you a good idea of how your live sports bets are doing at a glance, showing you all of your positions and their current value. Learn how to manage your portfolio here.

Sporttrade 101

Placing a Market Order on Sporttrade (1:08)

Learn how to place market orders to buy and sell contracts on Sporttrade. Sell your sports bets when the outcome shifts in your direction or buy up contracts of an outcome if you feel like a comeback is in the works.

Elevating the Industry

Why Use Sports Betting Probabilities (0:36)

Sporttrade will present you with probabilities because we think it's a better framework than American odds. In simple terms the price of a contract equals the probability of the outcome occurring. For example, if the Phillies are trading at a buy of $55, then the probability of them winning is 55%. If they do win, then the contract settles at $100.

Sporttrade 101

Buying and Selling Contracts on Sporttrade (1:08)

Similar to buying stocks or crypto, you can buy outcomes on Sporttrade in dollars or in contracts. Track the progress of your bets in your portfolio and sell some or all of your position at any time during your event. See how here.

Sporttrade 101

What is a Contract? (0:47)

In this video, learn how a Sporttrade contract is like a stock that trades between $0 and $100.