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October 27th, 2022

Why You Should Bet on the NBA with Sporttrade

It’s one of the biggest clichés in sports: Basketball is a game of runs. 

But things become cliché because they happen all the time. And that’s why trading NBA on Sporttrade is one of the best experiences out there for in-game bettors. 

Price swings happen in all sports, but in today’s three-point crazy NBA, 10-0 runs can flip the odds in an instant. Trading Moneylines, Spreads, and Totals on Sporttrade can be a full-blown roller coaster ride in which your profits double or triple after just a few possessions. Conversely, holding on for too long could lead to experiencing the drop on the roller coaster. 

Watch the money bar on Sporttrade go from green to red and back as teams battle back and forth on steals, fast breaks, ally oops and foul shots. There's literally no more fun or engaging way to trade sports than trading an NBA game. You just have to give it a try!

But of course, that's not all, because with Sporttrade there’s:

  • More Money For You 💰: When looking at the NBA Moneylines on Unabated (, the Sporttrade logo is consistently featured as the “best line” and in some cases it’s the best for both sides of the outcome. That’s possible thanks to our incredibly low hold (the vig, or juice, as it’s known). Put simply, when you win - you win more on Sporttrade and when you lose you lose less. Low holds empower the bettor and Sporttrade’s are among the absolute lowest in the world. 

  • Higher Uptime ⏱: Open other sports betting apps during a busy slate of NBA games and you’ll find no shortage of lock symbols and messages reading “market suspended.” Due to the volatile nature of basketball, traditional sportsbooks don’t like to leave themselves vulnerable for bettors to make savvy in-play wagers. Here at Sporttrade we believe markets should be always-on, or as close to always-on as possible, because we’re about helping the trader, not the book. 

  • Fastbreak Speed 📱💨: From the second you hit “place order” on Sporttrade, you are participating in one of the fastest trade execution speeds in the entire sports betting world. Some sportsbooks take up to 10 (!!) seconds to accept a wager as algorithms behind the scenes decide whether they want to take your action or not. Sporttrade’s world-class trading technology allows you to get your bets down with lightning speed. Traditional sportsbooks use the whole shot clock, Sporttrade is a fastbreak attack. 

  • Look to the Future 🔮: More of a long-term thinker? Sporttrade offers a Futures market for the NBA Champion where you can pick a team and watch their value rise and fall throughout the season with each winning and losing streak. Do you think the Cavaliers are still underrated at $4 on Sporttrade? Grab a few contracts of them now and see where they stand at the All-Star break! Unlike other sportsbooks, you won’t be met with a “Cashout Unavailable” message. How you want to manage your Futures portfolio is entirely up to you.