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March 14th, 2023

The Top Tournament Value (Round 1)

Only on Sporttrade can you buy and sell your bets at a moment’s notice. Why is this important? Because you can move in and out of betting on underdogs frictionlessly, making mula on the dogs and then flipping to the favorites at a reduced price. March is what Sporttrade was made for.  Be sure to check out Battle Bets Friday March 17th from 2pm-8:30pm as we put on the first EVER live in-game trading tournament. 8 bettors will receive $100 and 25 minutes to make in-game bets on the app. Whoever makes the most money, moves on in the bracket-style tournament until the ultimate winner is crowned Battle Bets Champion and receives a $1,000 cash prize. Here are some of teams we believe have the most value heading into Round 1 this week:

Louisiana Lafayette vs Tennessee: $15.5/share to win (potential profit $82.81 per share)

Louisiana Lafayette is an elite rebounding team led by 6’11 Center Jordan Brown averaging 19.4 points per game. If Tennessee struggles offensively, which they have had their fair share of issues with this season, then they will not have many second-chance opportunities. $18 a share is far too low for the Ragin Cajuns, look for this price to rise steadily throughout the matchup allowing you to either hold, or sell for a little profit. 

VCU vs Saint Mary’s: $38/ to win (potential profit: $60.76 per share)

VCU, the winners of the A-10 conference, will be a popular pick for an upset in the first round over the Gaels. This will be a defensive battle between two great defensive teams. Saint Mary’s will look to slow down the game, but if they’re unable to make their shots, the pace and pressure of VCU could take its toll. Saint Mary’s may dictate the tempo early but look for VCU at a depressed price going into the second half.

Illinois vs Arkansas: 46.5/share to win (Potential profit of $52.43 per share)

All other 8/9 game lines are practically even; This one is a bit more lopsided toward Arkansas. Arkansas is a shallow roster, only deploying around seven players per game, whereas Illinois is a deep, talented group. Will depth win out? It’s at least worth looking at if you're getting Illinois for + money.

College of Charleston vs San Diego State: $34.0 per share to win (potential profit $64.68 per share)

This is a battle of two completely conflicting play styles. San Diego State is a veteran, defense first team. College of Charleston is an elite offensive team who can shoot the lights out of the gym. Charleston did not go 31-3 by accident, they are a legitimate threat to be a cinderella in the tournament. $34.5 is tremendous value to take a chance on a team that’s got nothing to lose and should be playing free as a bird after winning their conference tournament. Iona vs Uconn:, 21.5 per share to win (Potential profit of $76.93 per share)

Say what you will about Rick Pitino, but he’s a great basketball coach. Having a few days to prepare for Uconn may be enough time for the slickest college coach there is to come up with a plan to slow down the Huskies. Uconn starts strong, averaging 39.6 points in the first half of games, 8th best in the country, but Iona is one of the best at locking up the perimeter. Look for Connecticut to come out of the gates fast, forcing Rick Pitino to make adjustments. Which he’s great at. This all stacks up for great in-game trading opportunities.