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September 8th, 2023

The Top 5 Ways To Leverage Sporttrade This NFL Season

The sports betting community has fashioned several ways to make the most out of your betting dollars in recent years. For the +EV’ers, the grinders, the price shoppers, the arbers and the CLV-ers, Sporttrade caters to all types for the upcoming NFL season.

Here you’ll learn:

  • The best ways to leverage Sporttrade’s features to have a profitable season

  • Ways to arb using Sporttrade and leverage promos for matched betting  

  • How to game Sporttrade’s current welcome offer to make $200 cash

All you need is: 

  • 5 minutes

  • A funded Sporttrade account 

And that’s it. 

  1. The Best Pricing, Impressive Liquidity 💧

Take a spin around the odds comparison sites out there and check out how many Sporttrade symbols you see. Sporttrade is an EV bettor's dream. 

We offer our customers the best pricing in the market and back it up with the ability to get an impressive amount of money down on your bets. -110/-110 doesn’t exist in our ecosystem, thanks to a reduced vig and 2% commission on winning bets only. Even with commission included, you’re paying less than the traditional 4.5% vig you will elsewhere. That means more money for you. Our entire order book is available (with liquidity listed) online. 

2. In Play Betting and Fair Cashout Value 📱

Sporttrade has the best In-Play betting product in the sports betting industry. High limits, zero delay and immediate re-bets. Also, because of Sporttrade’s market maker structure, you’re able to cash out of your bets at 95–97% of its equity. It’s not a ‘cashout’, it’s just another strategic bet. 

Grab the underdog that you know scripts the first 15 plays and flip them for profit. Have you studied the best situational teams? If they get the ball with under 4 minutes to go in a half, grab them on the ML and see if you can grind out some profit. Our markets stay open, while the competitors are 🔒

3. Profiting off your Closing Line Value

Did you buy the Eagles -2.5 to beat the Cowboys and now the line has moved to Eagles -4.5 after news of a Dallas injury has been reported? Congratulations you now have CLV, or closing line value. CLV is a great indication whether or not you’re making ‘good bets’ regardless of outcome. But on Sporttrade, that could mean meaningful gains in your portfolio. If Eagles -2.5 was -104 ($50.5/share) and is now -130 ($56/share), you’ve now made $5.5 per share. Considering our average bet size on the app is roughly $500, that means you’ve made almost $50 of CLV that you’re able to cash out immediately.


4. We ❤️ Arbs

Sportsbooks don’t like arbitrage bettors. Leveraging mistakes and inefficiencies to guarantee profit has become a betting treasure hunt that, if not careful, can get you limited at other sportsbooks.

Not here. 

Sporttrade is a volume based exchange and welcomes arb bettors to get down the ultra-specific dollar amounts you need in order to make your payouts match. Be sure to check the liquidity available in our markets before placing your first bet elsewhere! 

You can find a full walkthrough on how to arb here

5. Take Advantage of Increased NFL Sign Up Bonuses and Boosts through Matched Betting

Matched Betting is a way of leveraging sign up promos, deposit matches, profit boosts, etc and converting those non-withdrawable credits into actual cash. It involves placing a bet on the specific sportsbook offering the promo and then hedging on Sporttrade, which we love. Plus, you’re earning 3% cash back up to $200 on all of your Sporttrade bets that have odds of less than -400 (80%). Now you’re getting paid to arb! Check out the Terms and Conditions

We’ve had Sporttrade customers make thousands of dollars doing this. We followed one on his Matched Betting journey.

Have more ways you love using Sporttrade? Let us know! You can reach us anytime on social @Sporttrade_App