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March 9th, 2023

Sporttrade's Trade of the Moment March 9th

Real quick... I know I mentioned in yesterday's piece that W-L doesn't really matter and that the goal of this space is to try and convince you that being profitable means more... But did you watch Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State last night? 46 points in the first half? (...takes deep breath)


You don't always have to cash out on Sporttrade. Not in situations like that. It's an amazing feature to have. But sometimes, you just watch that moneybar march its way to 100.

Last night's play: Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State u135.5 total points: Price: $50.5/share (-104 American Odds) Profit: $48.51

Ok, turning our attention to today's insane slate of college hoops.

Marquette -6.5 vs St. Johns

Price: $57/contract (-135 American Odds) 

Market Edge: 2.7%, at the time of writing

Buy: 1 share 

Potential Profit: $42.14

Analysis: Be honest- how many of you remembered that Marquette’s head coach is Shaka Smart? 40, 45% of you? The man responsible for putting VCU on the map with HAVOC is now making opponent’s stomachs feel worse than if they had actually eaten beer AND cheese in one sitting. That’s a Wisconsin joke. The region is quite fond of both. Marquette is in Milwaukee. I digress.

The Johnnies have played Marquette tight this year in two losses, a 2 point loss and an 11 point loss, but Smart has repeatedly proven to be one of the brightest tournament coaches in the country and now he’s comfortable in his seat, not constantly looking over his Orange shoulder waiting to get Burnt like he was at Texas.

This number is (again) all about price. Sporttrade has Marquette at -6.5, while most of the market has them at -9 or -8.5. Our pals at Unabated have this true line at Marquette -8.5 -104, which is equivalent to -6.5 -142. 

So the Sporttrade line is 7 cents better than that. 

Noon game. Hit it.