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March 8th, 2023

Sporttrade's Trade of the Moment March 8th

I was never much of a price shopper, if I'm being honest.

The path of least resistance has always been my buying strategy. I want something. I go buy something if I can afford it. It wasn't until I was living alone in the Midwest in my 20s that I decided I should probably stretch my dollar as far as I can take it.

Do I go food shopping today? Or pay my water bill? I've had that internal dialogue a bunch of times. Usually, food won out (the Midwest is full of fried oreos. Have you tried one of these things? No? Good. You shouldn’t. If you don’t want to live a full life, that is). 

I say all of this to illustrate the errors of my ways early on in my sports betting career. I'd download 1 or 2 sportsbooks and just let them rip.

Obviously, this was not a good decision.

Having worked at Sporttrade for almost 2 years, it's obviously opened my eyes and allowed access to some of the most brilliant sports bettors in the world. I'm truly lucky. 

Now- armed with the price comparison/value hunting knowledge that has been bestowed upon me, I'm going to give out 'daily' trades I think have a chance to be profitable here on 

I say 'daily' because there may be days where I just don’t care much for the board. Why force it? But- you can count on a few things I’ll look for:

1. The best price in the market, at the time of writing. Sporttrade’s exchange model oftentimes will give us leverage on many betting markets. I’ll be sure to provide you with the edge these plays have on the market as well. 

2. The plays will be on Sporttrade. They pay me. So I will reciprocate that generosity here.

3. These plays DO NOT HAVE TO WIN in order to be profitable. These could be first half leans, first quarter leans, first drive leans. You can buy/sell at your leisure. The goal is to be profitable, not track a W-L record. 

Ok. Here goes. The first ‘Trade of the Moment’... 

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State u135.5 total points.

Price: $50.5/share (-104 American Odds)

Market Edge: 3.2% at the time of writing

Buy: 1 share

Potential Profit: $48.51

Analysis: 135.5 is the highest mark we can find in the market for this game- the same as Pinnacle- but 6 cents cheaper.

Our friends at Unabated have their ‘best line’ at u134.5 +101, which is the equivalent to 135.5 -111 (meaning the Sporttrade line is better by 7 cents). So not only is there value, but this total has gone under between Oklahoma and the Pokes both times the two played each other this season. State will need an impressive run through the conference tournament in order to make the NCAAs. Will they be tight? Will they be pressing against a rival and drive this total under 135.5? I have no idea. And no one else does either.