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October 17th, 2023

Sporttrade October 2023 Release


This is one of our biggest iOS releases yet.

Easier Access to “Main Lines”

Simply tap on any contest, and we’ll show you the main “50/50” line for point spreads and totals. We put a lot of thought into this feature. One thing that annoys us as bettors is how the “line” can change as you’re in the process of placing a bet. This can get super tricky if you go to place a bet at -7.5 -110, and the line changes to -9.5. Our logic works differently. If you’re looking at a line, say +/-7.5, and the 50/50 line changes to +/-9.5, we’ll tell you the line moved, but we won’t actually switch to displaying the new line. We’ll simply tell you the 50/50 line has changed, and you have the option to buy, say, -7.5 at $57 (-132), or can tap to change the displayed line to +/-9.5.

Better Sorting of All Spreads and Totals

Sportsbooks call these “alt spreads”, or “alt totals”. To use every point spread is simply another outcome. One isn’t any more important than the other. In our new release, you can see the 5 closest point spreads or totals closest to the 50/50, or you can simply tap to view all point spreads or totals, and you’ll see a dedicated window to every single outcome we list for that contest. You can expect a very liquid market on almost every point spread and total that we list, and now you can see them all in one place. An arber’s dream, especially for in-play betting!

Increased Consistency

We’ve added a lot of new outcomes to our app. For us, it is paramount that the experience of actually placing an order remains as fast as possible. So, we invested the time and resources to revamp our order entry to ensure that Sporttrade comes through for you, each and every time. We’re really proud of this release. Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on this release. You are all the reason we prioritize features the way we do, and we look forward to continuing to deliver more products and more features soon!