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October 17th, 2022

3 Reasons Trading Futures on Sporttrade is a Game-Changer

Futures markets are now LIVE on Sporttrade! As of today, traders can now buy contracts on the Super Bowl winner, World Series Winner, NBA Champion, Stanley Cup Champion, and World Cup Champion. 

But these are available on other platforms as well, so why place these trades on Sporttrade as opposed to a traditional sportsbook? Here’s a few reasons why our Futures Markets are one of a kind. 

1. You don’t need to be right to profit 

When betting futures on a traditional sportsbook, even if the odds have moved in your favor since you made the bet, you are rarely able to cashout. And when a sportsbook does offer you a cashout, it’s typically well below the actual market value. 

On Sporttrade, you’re able to profit simply from the market moving in your direction. Let’s say during last season you had placed a Futures bet on the Bengals to win the Super Bowl midway through the year. During Cincy’s postseason run, you’d have been able to collect some gains from your position on Sporttrade without even needing to sell the entire contract.

On a traditional sportsbook, you’d most likely be met with either a “cashout unavailable” message or a subpar offer for your bet.

So you can sell enough of the contract to make a profit and let the rest ride. The Bengals went on to lose the big game but you still came out on top with Sporttrade Futures. 


2. Bet against a team

Have you ever just not liked the vibe of a team? Sometimes even when a team with a great regular season gets to the playoffs you still just aren’t sold. Sporttrade allows traders to short teams. By doing this, you are taking a position that any team except the team you’re shorting will prevail. You are basically betting against a team.

For example, you (like many people out there) strongly dislike the Houston Astros and don’t believe in their chances of winning the World Series. On Sporttrade you can short them for $74 to win $26 as of October 14th, with the Astros leading their ALDS matchup against Seattle 2-0. 

As teams advance deeper into the postseason the payoff for shorting increases. Once baseball hits the AL and NL Championship Series, you can place a trade against a single team, taking the other three contenders to win it all. 

To do this on traditional sportsbooks, you’d need to bet on each team individually at specific amounts. On Sporttrade you can do it with three taps on the screen. 


3. Better odds = bigger payouts 

Because of Sporttrade’s tight price spreads, our Futures Markets are more efficient than on traditional sportsbooks. When betting on Futures, it’s important to understand what an effective hold is. 

Forget betting; if someone were to just calculate the percentage chance of each team winning the World Series in a field of four teams, that number would add up to exactly 100%. If it didn’t, there would be an error in the math. 

But that’s where effective hold comes into play. 

Sportsbooks intentionally have their numbers add up to well over 100% so that they have vig or juice on their odds, ensuring a greater profit for the house. The effective hold is also known at the overround, as in the amount rounded over 100%. 

For the MLB postseason, the overround on Sporttrade is currently just 1%, the lowest in the state of New Jersey. For most sportsbooks in NJ, we found the overround for the MLB Playoffs to be around 10%! 

So on Sporttrade, you can trade on Futures with confidence knowing that the price you’re getting is one of the best available and contains a much lower hold compared to traditional sportsbooks. 

Simply put, Futures on Sporttrade gives ultimate flexibility to our traders that isn’t offered anywhere else:

  • The ability to sell out of a position at a competitive price without getting locked out. 

  • The option to just trade a portion of a position, rather than all-or-nothing.

  • The power of shorting outcomes by picking the field over one team.

  • All at some of the most competitive prices in New Jersey

So stop betting Futures. Start trading them.